Anti-Voter Ballot Proposal

The Secure MI Vote anti-voter ballot proposal will make it more difficult for Michiganders to cast their ballot. It’s a power grab designed to take away voting options on Election Day and hamstring election officials’ ability to administer elections and inform voters of their rights. The  proposal will disproportionately impact seniors, rural voters, disabled Michiganders, and Black and brown communities. 

There are four key components to this proposal:

Take Away Election Day Voting Options

  • The proposal removes the option to vote by affidavit if a voter forgets their ID or does not have access to one. This will limit access to the ballot for Black and brown communities, seniors, folks with disabilities and rural voters.


  • Michigan already has a strong voter validation system that has worked well for decades.

Make Absentee Voting Less Accessible

  • This proposal would prevent local clerks and the secretary of state from sending out absentee ballot applications to voters and informing them of their absentee voting rights. 

  • It would require voters to include a driver’s license number or partial social security number on absentee ballot applications, despite the fact that eligible voters have already verified their identity when they registered to vote.

Gutting Funding for Election Administration

  • This proposal would bar local clerks from seeking out grants to help administer elections, which are critical to ensure local elections can run smoothly. 

  • This would also potentially ban the federal government from loaning clerks personnel and staff; places of worship and schools from donating polling location space; and prevent citizens from volunteering their time to work on elections.

Be Referendum Proof

  • This proposal includes an appropriation that, if approved by the legislature, would prevent a vote of the people from overturning the law and further deny the people of Michigan a voice on this issue.

  • This is a shady tactic we’ve seen used before on controversial ballot initiatives passed by the legislature.

Just like we have before, Michiganders will stand together, across race, background and ZIP code to protect our voting rights, improve our elections in Michigan and ensure it’s the people who decide the direction of this state.

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